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Transfusion CD
artist: factor 11
song: inject the truth
album: transfusion
artist: factor 11
song: mystery called love
album: it's in the blood
Endless Sea CD
artist: murray orrick
song: the loon
album: endless sea
Blue Horizon CD
artist: allyson paige
song: blue horizon
album: blue horizon
Heal It! CD
artist: melissa phillipe
song: heaven's in my heart
album: heal it!
Infinite Possibilities CD
artist: melissa phillipe
song: fire from heaven
album: infinite possibilities
A Brand New Way of Thinking CD
artist: melissa phillipe
song: new person
album: a brand new way of thinking
It Leads To You CD
artist: randy and the ride
song: it leads to you
album: it leads to you
Let's Have Fun CD
artist: laurie daly, murray orrick & randy phillippe
song: monkeys on the bed
album: let's have fun
Songs From A Greatful Heart CD
artist: bonnie rasmussen
song: pachelbel's canon
album: songs from a greatful heart
Home At Last CD
artist: tedwin wright
song: let me hear your love song
album: home at last
Catsville Sampler CD
artist: alyssa fillips
song: empty heart
album: catsville sampler
Home At Last CD
artist: freddy clarke
song: my phone never rings
album: wobbly world

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